The skills and experience African Waterways (Pty) Ltd brings to Inland- and Short Sea Barging Projects African Waterways (Pty) Ltd (“AW”) is ideally suited to provide professional services for the development of barging projects in Sub Saharan Africa. We understand the challenges and offer a highly skilled and experienced team. AW is used to devising solutions that optimise the desired outputs of barging service capacity, journey time, reliability and safety against the capital cost and ongoing maintenance liabilities. Of particular importance is that our team has broad experience as well as being specialists in at least one and often two or three particular disciplines. This means that we are able to quickly identify and distinguish options that are potentially viable, and sift out those that are flawed. The team has delivered some exciting projects in Africa and other Continents and is capable of tackling all barging issues as well as working on multi-modal interfaces and the funding of complex infrastructure projects.